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In our pet advice section you will find more information about conditions your pet may have or problems you are encountering with your pet.

Below are websites with more information than we could ever relay to you in a consultation. After you have read the information we can discuss any specific areas of concern at the review consultation.

Topic 2 - ime to come and use our practice scales - and it's free!! (06/03/13)

It's the time of year when our thoughts turn to getting more active and shedding winter pounds - and the same goes for our pets. Like humans, pets being overweight results in reduced lifespan and increases the risks of developing a number of diseases.

As with us, it's not rocket science:
1) fewer calories taken in - preferably weighing out their food, and
2) greater energy expended - encourage cats to play, and dogs to go for walks - it's good for us too!!
If you're not winning, or your pet has pre-existing health problems, then come and get some advice from us.

As vets we use a visual and palpation method to produce a body condition score from 1 (too thin) to 9 (too fat). Kealy RD et al have done a 15 year study into dog obesity and life span.

Results: Body condition score Lifespan
4-5 (perfect)
13 years
6-8 (overweight) 11.2 years

It’s not just that we want our pets to live longer, we want them to stay health for as long as possible. So join me and let’s get out pets and ourselves to our perfect body score so that we may enjoy a long and healthy life together.

Thanks, Marslaidh

Topic 1  Information before buying a puppy
, (20/08/12)

Genetic Welfare Problems in dogs go to

A scheme that promotes good and responsible breeding practices go to The Kennel Club assured breeder scheme.

A scheme that promotes ethical puppy buying/selling go to

Advice on socialising a puppy from day zero to 16weeks of age to give them a good start in life go to

Thanks, Marslaidh