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Rabbit Awareness Week

May 4th – May 12th 2013


Rabbits are the UK's 3rd most popular pet! This is because they are highly intelligent, social, interactive and fun creatures that are extremely clean and can even be litter trained. They have very individual and distinct personalities, and often live over ten years of age - making them every bit as worthwhile investing in as dogs and cats!

Despite all this there are still a lot of myths and misinformation around the best care for pet rabbits, and indeed their welfare needs. It's actually very easy when you know how......

Keeping your rabbit fit and healthy is vital to ensure a long, happy and fulfilling life. Rabbits can be prone to some health issues which can prove challenging to treat, but can often be easily prevented if you know how.  Good care, appropriate feeding and other appropriate measures such as vaccination are key.  Bring your rabbits to Riverside for a  routine health check at least once a year.
Pop in to the practice this week and pick up a free information leaflet.
For more information see http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/